Golden Visa

Golden Visa

In cumulative terms, since the 'golden visa' scheme was launched; total investment to January 2017 was €2.56 billion, of which 2.31 billion is for property purchases and €251 million for capital transfers.

The above figures alone clearly illustrate that of the three main methods that a Golden Visa can be obtained it is the acquisition of property in Portugal is by far the most popular method.


The qualifying investments:-



• The purchase of real estate above the sum of Euro 500,000.00 

• The purchase of real estate above the sum of Euro 350,000.00 in an area deemed to be for rehabilitation purposes or in a building which is over 30 years old which is being renovated.


Capital investments

• Transfer of capital worth Euro 1,000,000.00 or more (This can include investments in company stocks and shares)

• Funding of research and scientific projects above the sun of Euro 350,000.00

• Funding of cultural and artistic projects above the sun of Euro 350,000.00



• The creation of at least 10 jobs in Portugal in any sector


The main benefits of the scheme:-

• Live an work in Portugal

• The freedom to travel freely throughout the Schengen area in Europe

• Family regrouping can be provided

• Portuguese nationality can be obtained

• Access to all public services available to Portuguese nationals

It is important to note that this scheme is not available to citizens who have Portuguese or EU/EEA nationality.


“ Expedition of the visa schemes is generally straight forward but it’s important to get the right advice for your personal and professional circumstances. Let us help you make the right choice!” – Vitor Ferreira


For further information, click here to Government website on this subject.